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In 2006 a seed was planted to cultivate the best cannabis on the planet. Throughout the years, Paris OG has won over the hearts of smokers world wide. This Indica dominant genetic has citrus & pine undertones. Created by our team and exclusively grown. The Paris brand selection has now grown to many other amazing flavors, with more on the way! You are sure to find something to suit your personal needs. We bring you only the highest quality from seed to smoke.

Our official flower products come pre packaged in official Paris brand packaging to ensure consistent quality.

Each nug is hand-picked and hand-trimmed with no shake.

Mylar bag nitrogen sealed for ultimate freshness.

The ultimate vape experience: Paris OG has built themselves on a foundation of the highest quality flower. Our concentrate is absolutely no exception. Starting with beautiful golden THC distillate, we infuse strain specific live terpenes to create a truly unique and powerful experience. One hit and you will be swimming in an ocean of pungent, authentic aromas that can only come from one source. The real Paris Brand.

Our line up also consists of beautiful golden nug run shatter which is available in all of our wonderful strains. Available in .5G

We now also have a Vape Pen Line.

Paris OG proudly offers a vessel of life – or at least most feel as fondly about their convenient and always there when you need vape pen. Paris OG’s Vessel is a 350 mAh (milliamp's per hour) cannabis oil battery. This Vessel was designed to use with Paris OG vape pods and delivers a superior vaping experience with every puff. 

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Never disappointed whenever i get a fresh pack. Paris, spacewalker, creme, french cookies ALL FIRE! Have yet to try the Hardcore but i know it'll be stooooopid fire! Cant go wrong with the eiffel tower brand lol

every strain I tried I loved.

Paris og was the first one I tried left me slumped. then had the French cookies and started to fall even more in love with this brand. Then had the space walker and hardcore in one blunt and loved the taste as well as how smooth the high was. everytime I buy one of them, always get nice nugs and weighed correctly. thank you for this product.
Chris Dranka

The Real Paris Og

I was introduced to this wonderful strain over 10 years ago in Southern California. A lot has changed in the Cannabis industry over the years. The one thing that hasn’t changed is my favorite Indica hybrid. The Real Paris Og. As consistent as it gets. The quality and amazing pine and lemon flavors of this strain have made me a huge fan. You can absolutely tell how much love and care are put into this product. Hand trimmed nuggets of pure Happiness that hit extremely hard and provide the ultimate high. Treat yourself!! You will be delighted!!