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NW KIND is a collective of small, family and friend craft growers specializing in exceptional medical marijuana production and processing including flowers, concentrates, and apparel. The NW KIND label is only found on the finest, hand-selected end product grown and produced by a few choice gardens in the northwest. Our small-batch, hands-on production model ensures a grower-plant relationship that in the end cultivates a superior product. We know our strains and nurture each plant through every step of the life-cycle, from seed to flower. It is this attention to detail that translates to exceptional concentrates as well. What goes in, comes out. Our personal gardens and limited, top-notch partner gardens produce the consistent, high-quality concentrates that many folks have come to expect from NW KIND.

No giant warehouses. No corporate sponsors. NW KIND is just a few fun-loving folks with a multitude of backgrounds and the knack to grow and produce some of the Northwest’s KINDEST cannabis. And we’re having a damn good time doing it!

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State License

  • Adult-Use Mfg. 030-1003919CE3E
  • Adult-Use Cultivation 020-10038826AE1