MoMo's Bakery



MoMo’s Bakery was established in 2017 and was one of the first edible bakery’s to hit the scene in Alaska.  Our bakery is located in Anchorage, Alaska and we strictly sell wholesale to licensed cannabis retails.  MoMo’s was created to be a recreational boutique style bakery making small batch edibles.  We have taken recipes that you grew up loving and re-created them into delicious infused treats.  These simple ingredients make for unbelievably good flavor.   

We carefully select quality THC concentrates to infuse our products;  packing plenty of punch in our delicious baked goods and candies without compensating the flavor.  Our mission is to produce high quality, consistent and delicious edibles!  We cater to a variety of consumers that include new users, as well as those individuals looking to step back into the edible world.  Our 5MG THC doses allow consumers who want more to simply have another one- or two! 

Don’t forget to ask your favorite local cannabis retail for MoMo’s today!