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“Every cloud has a silver lining.”


Meeting MaryJane is a Washington D.C. based producer of premium cannabis flowers and edibles. Meeting MaryJane’s mission is to connect the cannabis community in the District of Columbia to marijuana products of the highest quality. Not only does the Meeting MaryJane team focus on quality products, but they also foster a dedication to quality information. With their commitment to quality information and products, Meeting MaryJane enhances the quality of life for Washington D.C.’s 420-friendly — one silver-lined puff at a time.



With a decade of experience in cannabis cultivation, Taxx and Wes bring the best of the best to the District of Columbia. Their introduction to growing marijuana happened the same way so many other legends have — in a backyard garden. The two weaved in and out of the cannabis industry, awaiting a more stable political climate to apply their skills. Even while absent on the production side, Taxx and Wes remained connected to the cannabis community.


Cannabis-friendly events began to pop-up in Washington D.C. and they were all too happy to attend the weed parties where they could stir up interest and talk to marijuana vendors.

They noticed a gap — patients didn’t get accurate strain information at shops, making finding the right flowers and products difficult. Taxx and Wes set out to change that by  developing a brand that valued quality products as much as education and had a goal of supporting everyone whether they were acquainted with cannabis or not. The result was Meeting MaryJane, a brand that Taxx and Wes proudly launched in December 2017.



All Meeting MaryJane products are crafted with the utmost care for quality control. Flowers are first cultivated in an indoor cannabis farm, giving growers full reign over every input of during the grow. The grow room is pumped with CO2, giving the plants ample nourishment to produce large, resinous buds. This yields flowers with remarkable bud appeal — every Meeting MaryJane bud possesses a distinct aroma and flavor.


As for Meeting MaryJane’s edibles, the same level of meticulous craftsmanship goes into those, as well. Flowers are decarboxylated into Coconut Oil for vegan-friendly edibles and clarified butter



Once you’ve met MaryJane, your view on wellness may never be the same. TheBlackwater strain is a perfect example — a strain that sold out immediately upon initial release. Blackwater is Meeting Mary Jane’s specialty strain and offers up sweet fruity aromas best compared to berries and cheese. Blackwater’s flavors hold true to her smell, every toke provides an unforgettable taste and even better effects. Keep an eye out for this strain and follow Meeting MaryJane’s brand page to find this incredible cultivar near you.

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