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Yes we cannabis!

Matrix NV supplies the state of Nevada with top-quality cannabis flowers and marijuana extracts. Their team is excited to be part of the revolutionary era of cannabis and aim to make Matrix NV the brand that overturns the stigmas surrounding cannabis users. The passion for cannabis in Matrix NV stems from the deep-rooted desire to provide medical marijuana patients the holistic, natural alternative medicine they need to improve their quality of life. Matrix NV is proud to be part of the the first wave of Nevada medical marijuana businesses providing legal, state regulated cannabis products. The cannabis community means much to Matrix NV, and their mission is to offer a safer alternative to the status quo of medical treatments.


Matrix NV proudly launched their brand April of 2016 and continues to serve the medical marijuana community of Nevada. The founders of Matrix NV began their canna-businnes to meet to needs of their community members as well as tourists. They accomplish this through their meticulous care within cultivation and production. Matrix NV supplies Nevada medical marijuana patients high quality medication thanks to a dedicated team committed to ensuring their patients receive clean, pesticide free, responsibly grown medical cannabis.


Matrix NV works closely with their cultivators, comprised of fellow cannabis enthusiasts dedicated to growing the most reliable and responsibly raised cannabis flowers. Their marijuana growers are experienced and cultivate flowers with genetics that are top of the industry. The growers partnered with Matrix NV cultivate their cannabis with the utmost care, giving their flowers daily attention. Their buds are trimmed by hand, and individual care is given to each of their plants ensuring the best quality and taste. Their concentrates also make a statement; Matrix NV cartridges are filled with cannabis concentrate of solventless sweet oil. Their vape pens supply the aroma and flavor profile of the original flowers they’re extracted from. Matrix NV is happy to abide the regulations enforced by the state of Nevada as their goal is to provide a safe and reliable medical marijuana product.


All of Matrix NV products are lab tested through G3 Labs, an independent analytical testing laboratory and MME. They test for pesticides, mold, fungus, THC level, all of the cannabinoid profiles and for CBD content. Matrix NV products can be found at multiple dispensaries throughout Nevada. Thrive, Medizin, Planet 13, Nevada Made Marijuana, Blum, and Sierra Wellness Connection carry our products often.

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Very Solid Service During Crazy TImes

We've all gone through changes as we became recreational here in Nevada, and so many of the fine medical flowers that were the best I've ever seen in the world have disappeared from the shelves likely due to high turnover to the recreational market. Matrix remains one of the most rock-solid brands out there. I for one am very grateful for this consistency in strain, grow and packaging that's kept its brand well-regarded and for good reason! Fave strains include that Nepalese Kush, Tangilope, Super Sour Diesel (and true to strain, it's one of the few strains that will kill a headache along with real Blue Dream).GG4 is on point, Forum Cut Cookies, Dream Queen, heck, the only strain I do not do well with is Slymer, but that's across growers. It's too OCD for my chatty brain meaning it works great for the Sativa Heads :) . OMG, the Chemdawg. Matrix sticks to known, solid medical strains and then takes it from there. I have yet to try any extracts other than a C20 syringe decarboxylated for multiple useI picked up on discount somewhere which was messy. I ended up eating it mostly, which is usually very good for sleeping for me without the weight of a full edible. Keep up the great work, you and GLP could own this town with the quality of your grows. Bless you!

Ultra violence

I grabbed a half ounce. Each prepacked eigth is chunky and cured perfectly. 01/11/19

The Best!!!

Every product I’ve tried from this company is great!!