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Mild and dialed


Discover the pinnacle of cannabinoid and terpene chemistry inside each LucidMood vape pen. The LucidMood team harnesses the powers of distilled cannabis extract with precise aromatherapy blends that consistently deliver users to their cannabis experience of choice. When it comes to cannabis vaping, don’t leave things up to chance: choose your Mood.



LucidMood arose as the joint mission of a team of scientists and entrepreneurs who were committed to simplifying cannabis. The founders knew firsthand the remedial potential of medical cannabis, yet observed how many people confuse themselves between the huge number of tools, conflicting information and mythos surrounding marijuana products. The CEO learned about CBD and terpenes early on and realized the aspects that set cannabis strains apart lie in the plants’ chemistry.


LucidMood set about to remove the guesswork from the cannabis process. The team spent years researching, conducting clinical trials, and refining their processes to produce an unparalleled product. In 2016, LucidMood launched its first collection of Mood vape pens. These easy-to-use, consistently dosed and mild vape pens flourished. And today, LucidMood products display in dispensaries in multiple states.



The LucidMood team invested years of refinement in their cannabis processes to ensure a consistent, pleasurable experience with each product. The extractors start with organic cannabis plant matter, which is refined and purified. Through a proprietary extraction process, the chemists break down the cannabis plant’s compounds into purified individual molecules. They isolate the pure THC and pure CBD and separate these from the trace cannabinoids and terpenes. With a clean 1:1 THC:CBD base, LucidMood adds specific ratios of terpenes and trace cannabinoids formulated for very specific desired effects.



The result is LucidMood’s full line of Moods: disposable vape pens that make things easy for the everyday consumer. Choices such as Energy and Focus deliver hints of citrus and pine and inspire exactly what their names suggest. Relax and Bliss are well-suited for unwinding at the end of a long day. Sleep eases vapers into restfulness. No matter your desires, LucidMood serves up a Mood to complement them.


Lab Testing


LucidMood takes its responsibility seriously to produce pharmaceutical-grade cannabis. The team lab test every batch of cannabis plant they purchase and test the distillate once more before it formulates its vape pens. After all processing, LucidMood lab tests its vape pens’ oil for purity, potency, and freedom from contaminants.


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A little hard to get, totally worth it

When I first learned about Lucid Mood vape pens, I thought they would be my answer to everything. The Relief pen doesn’t act like the high dose ibuprofen I’d been taking, or any other med. Once I pushed aside my expectations and just let Lucid Mood work on its own, I found I enjoyed it and wanted to try them all! It took me a few months (between availability at the only dispensary in state that carries and my budget) but I have used and enjoyed them all. The best things about these pens are the lack of cannabis-like odor and the compact size. I can use nearly anywhere and no one knows. My favorites are Energy (citrus), Bliss (cloves), and Relax (lavender). Open your mind to what the pen is formulated to do, don’t expect an intense effect, just enjoy the smooth taste, and you’ll want to try the next kind, too.

An Excellent Choice

With an excellent balance of THC and CBD, LucidMood's vape pens have a mild but quite pleasant and easily manageable psychoactive effect. They do not have a cannabis smell, are self contained and thus require no charging or battery, are well designed for discreet usage, have a smooth and pleasant taste, and cost less than many other disposable vaping pens ($38 at Blair Wellness currently appears to be the lowest Baltimore area price, and Blair offers an additional 30% off on Sundays and Mondays). LucidMood offers various types of pens to correspond to a variety of needs and intended uses (e.g., relaxing, energy boosting, sleeping, etc.), utilizing various combinations of terpenes. Highly recommended!

Bigger would be better

These are great! Make them bigger! 200 mgs is nothing.