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Hailing from the heart of Texas, Lone Star Farms has relocated to California to provide the West Coast with their premium cannabis. Since 1996, Lone Star Farms has been cultivating their signature strain, Lone Star Kush. After generations of growing indoors, all organic, homemade nutrients, deep water culture; their painstakingly precise growing methods has produced one of the most potent strains available on the market.

In a market dominated by OGs and its many imitators, Lone Star Farms stands alone as the true representation of innovation and originality. While other manufacturers are concerned with chic trends and staying in vogue, Lone Star Farms is purely focused on delivering the highest quality alternative for SoCal smokers.

Lone Star Farms’ devotion to the cannabis community and dedication to perfection is second to none. For those looking to blaze down a new path, Lone Star Farms is there to guide the way.

“Everything is better with Lone Star Farms.”

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Impressive Product

Lone Star Kush has a premium strain. I look forward to any future strains they release.