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Legal Beverages changes the game in quality cannabis drinks. Offering one-of-a-kind marijuana sparkling tonics, Legal Beverages’ blend of delicious flavors, potent strains, and convenient on-the-go consumption are ready to go whenever you are. At a party, watching a movie, or hiking through the wilderness, Legal Beverages is on hand to enhance any experience and pleasurably stimulate all the senses.

Legal Beverages’ parent company, Mirth Provisions, got their start in 2013 in Oregon with a mission to develop products that embodied the professional and positive sides of the cannabis industry. When searching for a field in which to drive their passion for excellence, they realized there weren’t many healthy or pleasant alternatives to the harm of smoking cannabis. An idea struck: offer a cannabis-infused soda that tastes delicious and was discreet enough to consume anywhere. Thus, Legal Beverages launched in 2014 to provide their new creation to the marijuana-enjoying masses in the Pacific Northwest. Overcoming the trials and hurdles of ever-changing legislation, Legal Beverages has today expanded to Washington and Oregon’s cannabis market, with plans to distribute to Colorado and California in the next year.

Legal Beverages’ products are formulated using all natural ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible from vendors in the Pacific Northwest. Following their brand’s ethos of excellence, Legal Beverages uses solvent-free CO2 extraction processes to extract the oil from top quality cannabis grown in Washington. Then, they infused the oil with their homemade beverage recipes, offering a variety of delicious and refreshing flavors sure to please any palate.

Four different and unique flavors make up the selection of Legal Beverages’ delicious cannabis-infused sparkling sodas. Their Rainer Cherry-Sativa pairs well with parties and day time events, while their Lemon Ginger-Indica massages the body and frees the mind. Their refreshing Pomegranate offers a zesty Sativa experience, while their Cranberry options provides a balanced CBD: THC ratio, perfect for optimal healing.

Legal Beverages lab tests and quality controls each batch of their products, committed to providing their patients and clients only exceptionally natural and potent marijuana products.

To date, Legal Beverages’ products have lined the shelves of Washington and Oregon dispensaries, featured in the well known High End Marketplace in Vancouver, Washington and New Amsterdam in Southwest Washington. In the coming year, they hope to expand into medical and recreational dispensaries in California and Colorado.

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