Lady Gray Gourmet Medibles



Who is Lady Gray?

Lady Gray is a small team of cannabis advocates and enthusiasts that have dreamed of making a career out of our love of cannabis; sharing and promoting the variety of the plant’s benefits.  Over the last couple years we were able to work in a manner that everyone brings something special to the table.  We find it inspiring how cannabis brings us together and chuckle at the fact we’re really getting to do this! 

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” Kenneth Blanchard 

There is a Real-life Lady Gray.  She’s my mom and has two adorable beauty marks above her lip and has worn a nurses hat for almost 40 years (she’s retiring in 2018!).  She’s an amazing mother and I always found her compassion and care for other people inspiring while being a present parent and doting wife.  As one of my best friends, she was the first person I shared my plans with. When discussing a name, I wanted it to be something personal and to reflect quality feminine values that would represent us lady cannabis lovers! We are working every day to build a brand that you can always trust for high quality cannabis products.

Much Love,

Tasha & The Ladies

State License

  • Adult-Use Mfg. 12254