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Kushie Brand isn’t just a marijuana brand; it’s a way of life. Believing in the need for self-care and ability to unwind, Kushie Brand helps promote the relaxing and joyful qualities of marijuana while contributing to eliminate the social taboo associated with the cannabis community. Offering premier cannabis products and stylish apparel and accessories, Kushie Brand has quickly become the safe-haven for artists and creatives who value individuality and imagination.

Kushie Brand began their journey as a creative outlet and network for photographers and videographers who had an interest in the creative side of cannabis culture. As they started to create content with their connections to artists and musicians, Kushie Brand began to grow their apparel and accessories line. More creative types began to gravitate towards Kushie Brand for their focus on cultivating content and clothing focused on the creative and relaxing lifestyle associated with cannabis. Not long after they began to develop and produce cannabis products, solidifying themselves in the marijuana industry.

Officially born in 2014, Kushie Brands has been keeping the weed scene fresh and modern ever since. As they expand on social media, connect with more photographers and artists, and grow with the marijuana industry, Kushie Brands hopes to provide patients with the relaxing lifestyle they deserve.

Beginning with fashion forward apparel and accessories, Kushie Brands has been developing cannabis products to match their innovative style. From everything from their crop tops and tank tops, beanies, and snapbacks, to their doobie pre-rolls and fruity Mini Krispies, Kushie Brands is devoted to making you look good and feel good. Put on a box logo tee that represents the creative side in you. Medicate with a Red Velvet Mini Krispie and let your imagination run wild. Spark up a Doobie Pre-roll and allow your artistry to flow.

Whether it be their artistic bend or their need to lead change, Kushie Brands aims to innovate in all aspect of the marijuana industry. This is why they proudly test all their products and hope to be a standard for other marijuana brands.

Hailing from the artistic mecca that is Los Angeles, Kushie Brands has quickly become integral to both the creator and cannabis community. They work with other marijuana brands, including Alaf Farms, a cultivation company that provides Kushie Brands with their premium quality, indoor organic cannabis flower. Contributing to both the cannabis and artists community, Kushie Brands looks to bring artists and medical marijuana patients the creative lifestyle they want, with the relief they deserve.

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The best deal in town

I bought two packs and wish I had gotten 20 of them. great taste, great feel, great deal!

So good!

You guys have the best edibles!! 🤤 Wish you were available in Nevada as well...

best edibles

I had the red velvet brownie and i got to say hands down best edible I've ever eaten. I'm talking fucking Gordan Ramsey would be proud of this stuff. the sweet aroma fills whatever room you're in as you open the bag and instantly gets you hyped to devour the sweet chocolatey treat. and the high *exhales deeply* I literally melted to the couch playing RDR2. so my review... 5/5 on all the above. would recommend to anyone to give them a try, and i only hope you and your taste buds get to experience the same sensations that I had on that life changing day.