Jet Fuel



Founded by C.E.O. Enas Barkho in 2012, Jet Fuel sets the industry and marketplace standard for high quality cannabis. The Southern California-based brand occupies the shelves of premier dispensaries and legal retailers throughout the state.

Operating manufacturing and cultivation facilities run by a dedicated team, the company has won dozens of awards and honors such as “Best Sativa Strain” and “Best Indica Strain” at the High Times “Cannabis Cup.” The brand Jet Fuel maintains a commitment to quality upheld by Enas and his entire staff.“One of the strains we produce is Jet Fuel OG,” he says. “It was our first strain under the Jet Fuel brand. Since the strain smelled like high quality gas, it lent itself to the name.”

From its onset, the brand became a sought-after staple. Launched at the Paid Dues Festival, it went on to permeate popular culture. Legendary Cypress Hill co-founder B-Real served as an initial brand ambassador. Meanwhile, Jet Fuel grew its own legend. Lil Uzi Vert namechecked it on “Boring Shit,” and the late Mac Miller paid homage to “Jet Fuel” on his final GRAMMY® Award-nominated album Swimming with a song of the same name. Jet Fuel notably made its way into the hands of everyone from The Weeknd’s XO Collective to Snoop Dogg and transformed into a perennial favorite.

Rooted in personal attention-to-detail, Jet Fuel flourished due to Enas’s history in the business and long-term experience as a grower.

“We’re cultivators and producers of our own flower - We’re the actual growers. We’ve worked with this plant for a very long time. It’s personal to us, and that makes all the difference.”

Since it took off to the forefront of the cannabis market, Jet Fuel continues to soar at the highest altitude of quality.

"Our goal is to bring this quality everywhere we can. It’s just the beginning.”



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