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At Infusion Edibles, we’re about the craft. All edibles we create are envisioned with high standards in mind, from fudge brownies that are infused with THC, to the small batches of our craft soda and specialty items made for unique events. Our focus on quality ensures that each product stands out in flavor, ingredients, dosing, and clean production and extraction methods. Consistency, effectiveness, and flavors are at the heart of our edibles from the first bite.

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420 Infusion big cookie🤗

before Mary Jane became"legal for recreation" I've had all different types of edibles through the years , never ever any consistently... these xl infused cookies 120mg THC with CBD infused, truly made me a believer when my pain levels have been lowered significantly, as well as good frame of mind, anxietyfree, 90% pain and joint inflammation lifted for 3-4 hours , quality of my life is improving, I am able to engage in life and activities, with a better frame of mind, and I've found consistentcy with these particular edibles!!! Only good and happy things to say about the 420 Infusion Xl cookies 🍪🍪🍪🍪 mmmmm... Cookies & milk....

Exceeds expectations

Very effective edibles. My favorite are the EX brownies. They are bite size, simple but still 100mgs. Perfect for people who can’t stomach all the sugar that average sized edibles contain.

150 mg of what whole bag no effect none

weak compared to other brands get what you pay for good thing bogo