Do you have a Favorite Marijuana Brand?

From wine to vitamins to everyday household goods, we all have our favorite go-to brands. We may even call ourselves brand loyal. Having trust in a brand gives you confidence in what you are buying and places you in control of your experience.

Find the Best Brands on Weedmaps

Weedmaps has gathered thousands of the top brands (cultivators, processors, and manufacturers) and developed a platform to help you find them at the nearest retailers (storefront, dispensary and delivery services). You can research and locate hundreds of thousands of types of flower, concentrates, vape pens, edibles, and more.

Search by Brand

Simply use the search bar and enter your favorite brand or look for the “All Brands” tab and find your favorite cultivators and processors in alphabetical order. Don’t have a particular name in mind? Check out our Brands “Discover” section where we group them by product type.

“Follow” your Brands

Clicking on the “Follow” button will place a shortcut in your profile to the brand’s page. Our devs are hard at work expanding our “Follow” feature and have some great features in the works. From product notifications to direct communication, you will soon be able to engage with the brands you use most. Brands are rewarded for their number of followers and will know that you are supporting them. Show them love by following their brand pages and products. Once you try and experience their products, leave a review!

“Favorite” your Top Products

For many of us, it’s not just about the brand we follow, but also our favorite product that they carry. Clicking on the “Favorite” button at the product view will allow you to generate a quick reference list of all your favorite products that you buy. We have big plans for the “Favorite” experience, so look for new features coming soon.

Find Products Nearby – Fast

Our “Find Near Me” feature allows you to see which nearby dispensaries or delivery services carry the product you are looking for. Whether you’re at home or out and about, we’ve simplified your ability to find your favorite brands nearby.

Find your Medicine

Using cannabis as medicine can be an overwhelming task. Many times your doctor will give you a handful of trusted brands, but they cannot tell you where to find them. By simply visiting our “All Brands” page, you can look up the brand name alphabetically and find the closest retail option for your medicine. Alternatively, for those who don’t have a specific brand in mind, our Discover section has a Medical category for you to explore.

Weedmaps Verified

Weedmaps created the first product verification system built in collaboration with industry brands and retailers to create complete trust in a cannabis transaction. For the first time, the cannabis products on the Weedmaps menu system can be authenticated by the companies who made them. This is the killer feature of the Weedmaps Brands Experience because you can shop with the confidence knowing that you’re not buying counterfeit or expired products.

WM Verified Seal

Weedmaps Verified Seal

Consumer Protection Done Right

When you see the WM Verified Seal appear next to a product name, you know that this product has gone through the Weedmaps Verified process and has been confirmed as real and authentic by the brand.

The 45 Day Rule

We like fresh products and up-to-date information and so should you. Within our menu system, the WM Verified Seal expires after 45 days and signals to retailers to re-verify with brands to confirm they still carry the product. This is just the beginning, as our devs are exploring ways to demonstrate batching and freshness, taking the 45-day rule to a new level.

Verified Brands
Verified Products
Rejected Products

Leading Change in Cannabis

Weedmaps is a trusted partner and leader in the marijuana industry. Our team has worked with 2,000+ brands and mapped out 240,000+ products — all accessible and searchable on the Weedmaps Brands Experience

In the past six months alone, brands have rejected over 6,000 products that retailers have asked them to verify. That means product was either old or counterfeit and the brands were not comfortable applying the WM Verified Seal to their product.

Weedmaps is driving progress in the cannabis industry by ensuring producers, growers, cultivators, and retailers all work together to deliver safe product in the marketplace. The WM Verified Seal means you can buy with confidence.

The Future

Our dev team is very excited to bring these brand features to you. As many industry folks know, we have been planning this for some time and what we have at launch is only the beginning. Our devs are hard at work bringing you the next set of features, which include:

  • Test results at the brand level.
  • Expanded features for following brands and favorite products.
  • Physician approved products.
  • Enhanced “Discover” section for improved shopping and research.

Welcome to the Weedmaps Brands Experience
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