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To understand what Honey Oil is about, you’ve first got to understand its origins. It dates back to the 1970’s, when the first efforts to concentrate and obtain the essential oils from cannabis began. Initially, all these extractions resulted in was some sticky brown tar. However, as these methods evolved, it was soon discovered that a beautiful, golden-colored oil could be acquired from the plant. This elusive substance was eventually dubbed “honey oil” and was revered by those that got their hands on it.

Today, when the legalization of marijuana gives willing adults the right to smoke at their discretion, we want to pay homage to Honey Oil’s roots. We have taken this term, revitalized it, and elevated it. We use the latest technology to produce top-quality oils and concentrates that test as high as 97% THC. And Honey Oil products are not just potent—they’re also pure. We carefully test each batch in state-licensed lab testing facilities to ensure that they are free from contaminants and are on par with today’s standards of purity. So, consume with confidence—because if you’ve got Honey Oil, you’ve got the best that money can buy.

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Hours of Relief

I have high tolerance and I’ve tried dozens of brands. Very few carts pack a punch 🥊 but Honey Oil kicks the f*ck out of my pain for hours with just a few puffs. The oil in these is freakin beautiful and the potency hits in the lungs immediately. The two carts I purchased (Gelato & GDP) taste true to strain and flavor is subtle. Only Kurvana ASCND compares in taste in potency. Honey Oil is some seriously strong medicine.

Pure quality the first carts I ever tried

Pure quality honey oil was always the best oil in consistency and the absolute best flavor. I don’t know the exact process they use to extract their concentrates but they know what they are doing. Nothing but positive vibes.

I take back what I said...

I guess I just had one of the clear ones on my last order and I didn't like it as much as the one I got today. same strain , GDP, and def a little more golden than before and the taste is better than the clear cart I had, which was more licoricey. Back to 5 stars in my book!!