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Grapefruit is a fully licensed premier cannabis manufacturer and distributor in the California legal cannabis marketplace with its own branded product lines. Grapefruit is managed by a team of experts who possess the experience, skills and resources required to succeed in the competitive cannabis marketplace.

Grapefruit delivers truly disruptive Patented cannabis topical products that have fundamentally changed the way individuals use THC and CBDs. Our patented Full Spectrum Hourglass™ Topical Delivery Cream has solved the inherent difficulties of efficient skin absorption of THC and Cannabinoids. We have harnessed cutting edge science and technology to bring this patented, truly disruptive product to the medicinal and recreational marketplace. There is no other topical cream on the market with our patented and novel delivery technology that provides users with the synergistic entourage effect of THC+CBD, CBN, CBG, Delta8, THCV and CBE. Users will no longer be prevented from enjoying the many benefits of cannabis without eating an edible, using a tincture or lighting a joint, pipe or vape and will be able to discreetly apply additional cream for any desired affect.  

Our name, Grapefruit, was chosen because grapefruit juice has a chemical in it that can completely block CYP3a4 from breaking down THC and CBD in the stomach and intestines, thus creating the “high” as well as increasing the bio-availability of cannabinoids in our patented topical cream. 


Grapefruit’s cannabis extraction laboratory and distribution facilities are located in the industry – recognized Coachillin’ Industrial Cultivation and Ancillary Canna-Business Park in Desert Hot Springs, located on the extension of North Canyon Rd., approximately 10 miles north of downtown Palm Springs. We provide wholesale and retail cannabis distribution services throughout the State of California to ensure that our brands as well as the brands we work with get into dispensaries.

Grapefruit’s motto “A High You Can Trust” embodies our philosophy and ethos that we manufacture, procure and distribute only the highest quality topical creams, all-natural cannabis flowers, concentrates and related products that are free from pesticides, heavy metals and bacteria. We cater to all Recreational and Medicinal cannabis enthusiasts who want to experience consistent, high quality, cannabis products over and over again.

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State License

  • Distributor C11-0000082-LIC