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Gooeyman is the guilt-free way to medicate


Gooeyman has made a canna-business out of exceeding expectations, creating Michigan’s first medicated, gluten-free granola bar. Gooeyman understands that patients medicate with marijuana to become healthier and improve their quality of life, and believes the ingredients accompanying the cannabis should do the same. Gooeyman presents a healthier alternative in the edible cannabis market with a health-focused cannabis product made with responsibly sourced ingredients. Medical marijuana patients with dietary restrictions can find aid and relief thanks to Gooeyman’s organic, high-quality granola bar.


Gooeyman launched their brand one year ago to supply the medical marijuana community of Detroit with a healthier edible cannabis option. Their granola bar sets an industry standard, offering vegan or gluten-free marijuana users a healthy and organic alternative. Gooeyman is proud to have made it through their first year of being in the canna-business. One of the obstacles the ganja-preneurs of Gooeyman faced was the challenge of entering a saturated market with stiff competition. However, through the combination of determination and producing a top-notch marijuana-infused granola bar, Gooeyman stood out among the rest.


Gooeyman’s care and commitment to the medical marijuana community is what fuels their edible cannabis business. They are dedicated to reversing the stigmas attached to marijuana, through producing a consistent and reliable cannabis product. All of Gooeyman’s ingredients are organic and responsibly sourced. Gooeyman’s Gooey Chewy Bar is infused with Butane Hash Oil and has 100mg of THC. Ideal for medical cannabis patients that are mindful of what they consume or have difficulty processing gluten.


Gooeyman is proud to be part of the cannabis community of Detroit, Michigan. Gooeyman is happy to bring the help and healing of medical cannabis to Detroit, Lansing and Ann Arbor. They are eager to expand into other markets, providing an excellent and effective marijuana product to as many cannabis users they can. Gooeyman tests their edibles though PSI Labs, a full-service cannabis testing laboratory dedicated to precision, safety and innovation. PSI Labs tests Gooeyman’s edibles for contaminants and active milligrams of THC, ensuring every customer is given the safest and most reliable cannabis products possible.

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I found a new favorite product at Herbal Healing Friday. GooeyMan you're the Shit🔥Thanks to Dustin and Carter.

Blk Cherry Cheesecake 🍒🍰

Went to Herbal Healing and this was picked out for me the Buds are huge and the taste and quality on point. if you have Nerve Pain or suffer from CRPS or Chronic pain like I do I recommend.