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Use it, heal it, and shine brightly.


Gemstonz offers a line of CBD infused tinctures, edibles, topicals and pet products crafted with the utmost care and quality. Gemstonz is the perfect product for those in need of a smoke-free option. Each product is entirely pure and made with organic ingredients when possible.


Formulated by a cannabis user of 40 years, Gemstonz is where a passion for helping others and enthusiasm for medicinal cannabis collide. With Gemstonz, users are empowered with the benefits of pain-relieving cannabinoids without intoxicating effects. The founder, Marcy, has focused her efforts on Cannabidiol (CBD) based solutions. Her CBD approach opens the door for many people in need of all-natural alternative medicine but don’t want to smoke or experience the traditional high from cannabis. Life is precious, make it marvelous with Gemstonz.



Lasting Healing

Marcy is a long-time cannabis advocate and became acquainted with the plant's use in the ‘70s. As an athlete in her youth, Marcy has undergone several surgeries from sports injuries. Each time she’s turned to cannabis for relief, not giving her prescribed pharmaceuticals the time of day. Ten years passed and Marcy discovered a tumor in her foot. Lucky it was non-cancerous, which she attributes to her cannabis use, but it left severe bone damage. The surgeries that followed resulted in daily neuropathological problems, and a new class of prescriptions came her way. While treating the pain, neuropathy, and muscle spasms, Marcy experienced side effects she described as rendering her “sick, fat, or crazy,” which she would have tolerated had the medications actually worked.


Marcy was not the only one in need of a better alternative. Her daughter suffers from eczema and dry skin, and after trying every steroid cream available over the counter and even trying some to prescription-strength creams, Marcy's daughter still did not gain any relief. Marcy had to find something that would help. She no longer wanted to give her child steroids and made it her purpose to find a solution to both of their conditions.


A Purposeful Accident

When managing the pain and spasms from her foot injury, Marcy gained the most relief from cannabis. One day Marcy was visiting a local cannabis dispensary with a friend. Marcy’s friend loved medicated hard candies, but the ones available were not very good. Her friend encouraged Marcy to make some, citing her savvy kitchen skills. That encouragement sparked Marcy to research her options, and she dove deep into understand how cannabinoids work with the body. She developed a formulation for medicated hard candy and got special molds shaped like gems that fit comfortably in the mouth, earning the name Gemstonz. Her candies took off, and she expanded into tinctures and balms, eventually adding pet products to the catalog. Today, Gemstonz continues to supply California a high-quality, all-natural solution to pain.



Marcy starts with the purest activated CBD extract then infuses it into a proprietary blend for each of her products. She sources her cannabis oils from a trusted facility that uses the best practices available to extract their oils from clean and potent hemp flowers.


Lab Testing

Each Gemstonz product is full-spectrum lab tested multiple times, beginning with the flowers followed by testing the extract, then screening the final product through SC Labs.

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