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We are pleased to announce new lower prices on our distillate vape cartridges as well as first time New York Medical Marijuana Patient Discounts!  We also give all first time Fp vape cartridge purchasers a free battery which has a life time warranty.


Our Distillate Vape Cartridges can be found exclusively at any of the following locations:

Fp Wellness Manhattan Dispensary

Fp Wellness Halfmoon Dispensary

Fp Wellness Rochester Dispensary


Our mission at Fp Wellness is to provide patients suffering from debilitating and life-threatening illnesses with compassionate service and access to high-quality medical marijuana from trained medical pharmacists.  Our trained pharmacists will help you access the best high-quality medical marijuana products with competitive prices available from approved, tested and licensed producers.  We want each of our patients to have a uniquely positive cannabis experience.  Visitors to our Manhattan Dispensary, Halfmoon Dispensary and Rochester Dispensary are greeted with a warm welcome and comfortable, cozy environment.  Each dispensary has comfy, plush chairs and has been uniquely crafted by our interior designer so that our medical marijuana patients and caregivers always feel comfortable and welcomed.  Each patient who visits one of our New York Medical Marijuana Dispensaries will be greeted by one of our friendly patient care specialists who help check in with your New York Medical Marijuana Card.  After completing your first-time patient paperwork, our knowledgeable pharmacist will consult with you privately and listen to your concerns, answering any questions you may have.  Your Prescriber's recommendations will be discussed and medical marijuana products will be selected based on your desired outcomes, experiences, and preferences.  Once you and our pharmacist have together chosen the medications that are right for you, one of our patient care specialists will show you how to correctly use your medical marijuana products and answer any further questions you may have. 

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Quality Product

I like how their product is a distillate vs a cheaper oil. I’ve now tried 3 of their products (soothe, restore and elevate). The Restore in the 5 THC to 1 CBD is my favorite vape I’ve found so far in NYC.

Love the battery

As a new cannabis user in the medical program, I was hesitant if I was inhaling too much/how to inhale. The vape battery vibrating after 4 seconds is great. Nice staff too

No Plastic, Great Cartridge

Product is great inside and out. The distillate/oil is amazing. The staff told me there is no plastic in the battery or cartridge. Everything is ceramic, glass, stainless steel and the battery vibrates. Plus they gave me a free battery with a lifetime warranty. Love this place.