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Fleur Cannabis practices a sustainable, organic cannabis cultivation by applying the ethics and principles of permaculture to its No-Till Living Soil systems and operating procedures. In doing so, this cannabis cultivation method produces a consistent, safe and high quality product for your enjoyment!

Our innovative growing style models natural ecosystems and utilizes the ethics and principles of permaculture to maximize the benefits of our Organic No-Till living soil. With the soil food web as our cornerstone, our growing style is truly organic and takes into consideration not only the health of the consumer  but that of the environment as well. This method of cultivation focuses on quality organic inputs, never using any synthetic fertilizers or chemical pesticides. What this translates into; is the safest, highest quality cannabis brand that you can trust.

We are a Clean Green Certified facility.   Check us out on Instagram for video and pictures of our amazing facility @fleurcannabis /  Facebook - FleurNevada / Twitter - Fleur_Cannabis

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Glue on Fire

Easiest 5 stars ever. Awhile back a budtender at Planet 13 tried to sell me on the Fleur LA Confidential, unfortunately I passed thinking it was just your standard upsale. I regretted not giving it a shot when they ran a 200 oz special on it. Fast forward a few months, and Cultivate ran an early 4/20 sale on Fleur Glue on Fire. Feeling that this was a perfect opportunity to finally try Fleur, I picked up a quarter, and man oh man reminds me how weed used to be 20 years ago back east. If using your hands and not a grinder, it breaks apart with a satisfying snap, yet leaving your fingers absolutely covered in sticky resin. It's nothing like anything else I've gotten in Vegas, legal or black market. The only thing that I might rank as an exact tie would possibly be an exceptional batch of CBX L'orange that I once got. I'm not a grower, and thus aren't really sure what the whole No Till thing is all about, but judging by my limited sample size of Fleur product, it seems they got it right.

By far the best smoke for the price

By far the most impressive flower you can buy at an affordable price. Texture of the flower is always perfect, packaging is sealed and re-usable for other flower with cheaper packaging, taste is always perfect and every strain just nails you right in your fuzzy parts. Top quality stuff for an affordable price. This is my regular day to day smoke that I just switch up the strains on. I have yet to find a better deal.

Orange cookies for life!!!

I LOVE orange cookies, but over all I love Fleur's fresh buds. Prerolls are amazing too!