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PAIN Vape Cartridge

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PAIN is formulated with cannabinoids and terpenes optimized to treat pain.  Equal parts THC and CBD plus optimized terpenoids.  Also in Capsules.

Pain is the condition most commonly treated with cannabis. PAIN leverages decades of experience that the Doctor Terpene Physician Board has in treating pain with cannabis. PAIN is cannabis extract with optimized terpene formulation for pain.  Many customers can use PAIN throughout the day. If needed, increasing the dosage is simple.

Stop pain in its tracks with a few drags of Doctor Terpene’s Pain Vape Cartridge. The experts at Doctor Terpene have mastered the art of extraction and have formulated cannabis oil that captures the synergy of cannabinoids and terpenes. The result is the Pain Vape Cartridge, a simple, discreet, and easy to use cannabis concentrate specially developed to calm pain and induce euphoria.