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Doctor Terpene offers Cannabis with Purpose: PAIN, SLEEP, ENERGY, RELAX, CBD 1:1 and SEXTIVA.

Predictable, Enjoyable and Effective Cannabinoid and Terpene Science Formulations to Improve Your Life.

Doctor Terpene’s Mission is to create Safe, Effective and Predictable Scientific Cannabis Products to Improve Your Life. Doctor Terpene offers low dose, remedy-specific products that maximize the medicinal and recreational benefits of Cannabis that are predictably effective, natural and safe to try.

Doctor Terpene is advised and directed by a Physician Board. These Board Certified Medical Doctors have a minimum of ten years, and as many as twenty years of experience in cannabis therapy. The Physician Board identifies therapy and product opportunities, compiles research, and directs product development, including formulations, dosage and indications.

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Doctor Terpene Pain really does the job!

I have had a prescription for 500mg Naproxin (OTC Aleve is 250mg) for a couple of years. I have used it daily for pain resulting from a foot condition I have (Hallix Rigidus) that causes pain due to bones rubbing, and also general aches and pains due to arthritis. Since I have started using Doctor Terpene Pain medication (I'm on my second bottle), I have not had to use a single Naproxin! This is purely subjective, of course, but my experience so far is that 1 Doctor Terpene pain pill appears to be equivalent to 1 OTC Aleve, whereas 2 Pain pills are easily equivalent to 1 500mg Naproxin. Naproxin is an NSAID and is not a good thing to take, if you don't have to, so I am very excited to have found Doctor Terpene pain medication!

SLEEP capsules

I have insomnia and a friend of mine recommended Doctor Terpene SLEEP capsules. AMAZING. I couldn’t recommend them more. I slept more solidly and did not wake up in that “sleeping pill fog” that I’m so used to in trying different pills through the years. I love this natural alternative to the addictive sleeping pills I’ve tried in the past (I’m talking to YOU Ambien). Also, I’m not sure they were intended for this purpose, but I noticed a huge difference in nighttime heartburn! I suffer frequently and it was non existent while taking these pills!

Works for pain of hereditary neuralgic amyotrophy

I came to Oregon from the Carolinas to be a Medical Marijuana patient for one reason. Because a cannabis based patent medicine worked for my Grandmother back in the early 1900s. And it was the ONLY thing that ever worked for her. Gold salts, radiation, steroids, nothing helped. Eventually she could only get to sleep with the help of a big swig of chloral hydrate. Later she died from bleeding out due to aspirin overdose. Nothing worked for me, either. Neurontin blew me up like a puffer fish. Opiates and opioids were hell. So we moved here. Despite being exposed to a bunch of people I'd rather had never met (like Nazis-we had five family members in the camps) I stuck it out and kept trying to figure out how to use this stuff as medicine, with wildly variable results, including being dosed with something definitely that definitely wasn't marijuana (dancing clowns came out of the walls) and spending hours drooling from organophosphate exposure. I am now so happy to have found your product. It works. It has consistent results. It is cost effective. It's not packaged in a garish embarrassing way. Finally. Please stay in business. No more dancing clowns!