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CBD 1:1 Vape Cartridge

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CBD 1:1 is a balanced formulation that laughs at anxiety, low mood, inflammation and stress. Leverage The Entourage Effect for the most effective, enjoyable CBD.   Also in Capsules.

Make holistic wellness part of your routine with Doctor Terpene. Their CBD 1:1 Vape Cartridge makes it easy to experience fast-acting relief — simply puff. This vape cartridge contains cannabidiol as well as delta-9 THC, which work together to fight inflammation, pain, and low mood. With Doctor Terpene, you don’t just get cannabinoids, their experts have mastered isolating and pairing helpful terpenes as well. For a robust attack against discomfort take a drag of Doctor Terpene’s CBD 1:1 Vape Cartridge.