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Couple quick and important points from the team at Dime:


1.)Please be aware of FAKE/Counterfeit Dime products. Make sure to validate your

product on www.DimeIndustries.com. All our product has a validation scratch off

sticker (DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING WITHOUT THIS STICKER). Furthermore, purchasing

FAKE product can lead to some serious health issues.




3.) With these recent heat waves, please make sure NOT to leave your device in a hot environment. 



About Dime Industries:


Dime Industries is a registered business and home based in California. Our cannabis-related products are fully licensed by the state of California, and all the materials we use are registered and reported from seed to sale through California growers and distributors.


All our team members are dedicated in providing you, the end-user, the best possible experience. Starting with our hardware, which consist of medical grade steel, glass and ceramic for a safe vaping.


Our starting raw material is Concentrate Distillate which is thoroughly vetted by us to make sure it meets all State requirements.


Thereafter we re-introduce natural derived strain specific terps and then add some natural derived flavors to enhance the taste.


All our strains/flavors are intended to taste good, like a delicious edible.


For the connoisseurs that only prefer the taste of flower and would rather eat a nug over it being infused in some candy, fruit, or chocolate, we may not be for you. But for the folks that enjoy a light flower taste with an extra light delicious juicy aftertaste, we are the perfect match.    



Our 1000mg Dime Tanks:


They are not just larger to look bigger, they have a very specific purpose. Our tanks were developed by the team at Dime to provide a dab like effect to the end client. Our tanks are a 510-thread with dual ceramic inverted plates that are approximately twice the size of industry standards. These larger plates are designed to heat much faster and heat to an appropriate temperature that allows the cannabinoids to combust properly for that “high” effect. (Must use Dime battery for this effect)


Our mission for this device was to overcome the ‘status quo” of not getting high from vapes. Well now you can.


All our tanks are hand filled with special care from our licensed production team, ensuring consistency and quality.


Our 500mg Disposables:


Like the Dime taste, but you cannot bare the high of the 1000mg Tank, the disposables might be the perfect fit for you. Our disposables are sleek, no button, air draw activated, perfect for the traveler, visitor or someone that is just looking for a ready to go device. We have also added the re-chargeable feature to our disposables for two reasons:


1.)  Give the battery a fresh charge for the maximum output after half the use of the product.

2.)  In the unlikely event you were to run out of battery life before finishing the material, you can now juice it up.    


All our Disposables are hand filled with special care from our licensed production team, ensuring consistency and quality


Our Dime 650mAh Battery:


The Dime battery is the Ying to the Yang to our 1000mg Dime Tank. This battery is not like any of the batteries you may have used in the past. The first thing you will notice is that it is thicker than most batteries. The reason for this, is we have added a larger mAh battery with turbo boost to heat the Tank to 415 Fahrenheit within one second. We designed our battery as a ONE temp setting (can’t change the voltage) as our tank requires more power than what other batteries can provide. We have made the use very easy, hit button and boom, you’ve been Dime’d.


Please note that our Dime battery packaging works as a carrying case as well. Once you remove the included micro USB charger, you can now fit the battery with the tank attached.


Battery light Indicator:


Green Light – 100%-75% battery life

Blue Light – 74%-40% battery life

Red Light – Time to charge


You can always purchase our battery at www.dimemerch.com


We appreciate you reading, and we hope to keep your thoughts higher “Think Higher”

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State License

  • Adult-Use Mfg. PAAA-HWQ6-ZJ30
  • Distributor C11-0000470-LIC
  • Adult-Use Mfg. CDPH-10002933