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Since 2016, Dime Industries has been a leading trusted source of clean and potent medicine using state of the art proprietary hardware including premium food-grade stainless steel, glass, ceramic plates, and enhanced battery life. We strive to deliver a transparent experience through industry leading technology and high grade cannabis extracts resulting in an unparalleled smoking experience that not only ensures our fans an impeccable taste, but more importantly, a clean quality high you can trust. All of our cartridges are assembled, hand filled, and quality checked in the USA to ensure consistency and quality. Join the Dime Family and stay tuned for new products and device releases!

“Think Higher.”

1.) Please be aware of fake/counterfeit Dime products. Make sure to validate your product on www.dimeindustries.com. All our product has a validation scratch off sticker (do not purchase anything without these stickers). Furthermore, purchasing fake product can lead to some serious health issues.

2.) Dime stands behind our validated product 100%. If you have any issues contact us at support@dime.industries to immediately resolve the issue.


3.) With these recent heat waves, please make sure not to leave your device in a hot environment. 

DIME 1000mg Dime Tanks:

Our proprietary one gram tanks are 510-thread with dual ceramic inverted plates. These larger plates are designed to heat much faster and heat to an appropriate temperature that allows the cannabinoids to combust properly for optimal effect. (must use Dime battery for this effect) Our 1 gram tank is also compatible with 14mm water pipes. 


DIME 600mg Disposables:

Dime disposables were designed for convenience. Sleek, discrete, ready to go, all in one device. Our unique re-chargeable feature offers a fresh charge for maximum output after half the use of the product. In the unlikely event you were to run out of battery life before finishing, you can now juice it up.    

Dime 650mAh Battery:

The Dime battery works cohesively with our 1000mg Dime Tank. We have added a larger mAh battery with turbo boost to heat the Tank to 415 Fahrenheit within one second, a preheat setting, and an easy to use one temp setting (can’t change the voltage) as our tank requires more power than what other batteries can provide. Our Dime battery packaging works as a carrying case as well!


Battery Light Indicator:

Green Light – 100%-75% battery life

Blue Light – 74%-40% battery life

Red Light – Time to charge


You can always purchase our batteries at www.dimemerch.com or at you local smoke shop.

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State License

  • Adult-Use Mfg. PAAA-HWQ6-ZJ30
  • Distributor C11-0000470-LIC
  • Adult-Use Mfg. CDPH-10002933