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Delightful Hights is veteran owned & operated.  Our focus is to create the easiest, most pleasurable experience for each of our patient's.  We proudly deliver and serve Lewiston, Brunswick, Bath, Portland, and all areas in-between. Our team has a combined force of knowledge and curiosity for each realm, creating unique and unforgettable products. We understand every patient is different and we will provide our products tailored to your needs.  Whether it’s something discrete and simple, or you need to have a conversation about what you seek to improve your medical marijuana journey, Delightful Hights is here for you.  Our flower, edibles, concentrates, vapes and topicals represent the highest quality products in the state of Maine.  If you taste a strain of cannabis in Maine, I ask you, please, pretty please, use Delightful Hights as a judge because we are simply the best in all walks of the cannabis adventure and everything else is mediocre and pro mix based.  We make our own soil and use strictly organic supplements to ensure our medical patients recieve the purest cannabis product possible. 


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Wow! Finally high quality Medicine!

I'd like to share with the medical community my experience with Delightful Hights, I have been a medical user since 2002 im the state of Maine. My caregiver Cade was promptly on time, and brought a wealth of information on his companies products and medical marijuana in general. Now for the products I tried (Strawberry Kush flower, Larry OG flower, free rice krispy edible) hands down the best tasting smoothest smoke I have had in Maine. I suggest you try their medicine it is without a doubt top notch! Thank you Cade and Delightful Hights for an amazing expirence.

I Was a fan or supporter not so much now

So my first 5-6 times using their Company went fine my last 2 however not so much long delivery time plus wrong product next time complete no show idk

!!!Top Notch Quality & Service!!!

Delightful Hights becoming my go to for my flower needs...have tried 4 strands (strawberry kush-banana kush-M.o.b- and aurora indica which was my favorite, all top shelf buds. The krispy treats edibles are great too, packaging is neat and professional, and the delivery time has been under an hour the few times I have ordered....Highly recommend!!!