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Led by a team of physicians, pharmacists, medical experts and industry visionaries, Curaleaf develops safe, effective, and innovative cannabis-based therapeutic products. Curaleaf combines the industry’s most medically precise and technologically advanced production techniques with decades of horticultural experience, to ensure consistently exceptional quality that patients and health care professionals can trust. Based on a foundation of compassion, professionalism and respect, Curaleaf strives to empower physicians and patients by helping them make the right choices, as the industry’s leading resource in product expertise, education, and through their commitment to advancement through research and advocacy. 

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All the relief without the MMJ recommendation!

My parents are both in the medical field and extremely hesitant to get their medical cannabis card/use products containing THC. They tried the menthol lotion and the patches for severe back pain and described it as "life changing". These products are third party tested, containing NO heavy metals or pesticides, they're grown and produced in the United States, and the packaging has a very sleek look! They also do deals all the time if you're a part of their email list. So worth it.

too expensive

they charge $60 for a half-gram vape cartridge!that's $120 a gram! prices are supposed to be like half that and that's still a lot of money. if you really need to rip people off you could charge more 40 a half a gram. but half grams should be 20 or 25 tops. that's why places like California and Colorado are known as the places where they actually know what they're doing and dispensaries in New Jersey have their heads up their asses. like are you kidding me? thats is an insult do all patients and I will never shop at your dispensary. thanks for supporting the black market. job well done. by charging that much all you're doing is putting money into the pockets of people that sell on the street because no one is going to shop at your dispensary when they can get better products on the street for less. it's just that simple and common sense. you don't get this charge more than the rest of the country and we're certainly not going to pay it