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Church Cannabis Company



At first glance, the words ‘Church’ and ‘Cannabis’ couldn’t be more different. They certainly don’t belong next to each other; or do they? Church has always represented holiness, sacredness and godliness, while cannabis, up until recently, has been called the Devil’s Lettuce, among many other bad names. So what’s going on?

Put simply, a Church is a place of worship — a hub for a like-minded community to come together and nourish their souls with whatever makes them whole. Passions like surfing, skating, music, or cars are increasingly including cannabis as a key ingredient. People are using cannabis as a tool to dive so deeply into their passions that they’re reaching previously unattainable levels of expertise and fanaticism. Church Cannabis not only provides the tool, but the community as well.

And with increased expertise comes a more refined palate. The Church Cannabis community doesn’t settle for less because they know the difference. They notice the finer details that are often missed by the untrained eye, and they upgrade their lives by elevating both the seen and the unseen elements of their surroundings, because peak performance requires the best of all components.

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This company is Awesome

I 100% recommend this company. I have not found a cart that can top a CHURCH one. From the quality of the inside to the care that goes into the packaging.... this brand is THE BEST!


I’m really impressed with this. The juice is great, the tank it’s self is really well made. The flavors were delicious, and it even the battery’s are extremely well made. Overall I think Church is really nailing it at being the best cartridges. I feel blessed ❤️❤️

Best Pen out there!!!!

If you like to smoke and dont want to smell like you smoke OMG this is for you! Strong pen doesn't take but 2-3 hit and you're definitely high. The flavors are amazing, piña collision tastes so much like the real thing you will be in heaven! FIRE!!!!!