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At Catalyst, we believe cannabis is so much more than a plant. Cannabis has the ability to create change, empower people's minds and alter perceptions of an individual and societal level. We see cannabis in everything we do. Cannabis is our Catalyst for all things big and small. For us, they go hand in hand.

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first bad experience today

the number of stars is only for this single visit all other times it is 5 stars new bud tender problems maybe??? I haven't seen her before she didnt give us a warm greeting like all the others do in any case we went in to check out deals and when we asked if there was any she didn't have really any info we left and not even pulled out of the parking lot I get a text from catalyst saying they had 2 for Tues sale weird the bud tender was unaware of the sale


The location is weird, but so are all dispensary locations in Anchorage. The guy who helped me was less than enthusiastic and was acting quite pretentious while I asked a few questions. I told him when I started that I’d like to decide on my purchase and then pull cash from the ATM, which he said was fine. I made my choices and walked the 5 ft to the atm and left my wallet on the counter with him. While I was getting cash, he proceeded to let other people check out with my wallet 3 inches from them. I’m really disappointed in his lack of customer service. I got 2 grams and 9 pre rolls. The packaging was nice, but fair warning, I wasn’t told about the jar fees either. I wondered how it was $135, but I figured my math was off. I left a $5 tip, but I won’t be back. 2 stars for the packaging which is cool and the orange dream flower. They’re good.

This is worth the drive from eagle river

I switched from a DT dispensary because of the daily deals for one. Every Wednesday, $40 1/8s (bring your reusable glass jar OR pay extra $5). Sunday is 25% off concentrates. If you choose to be in the rewards program (you should, it’s not invasive and really quick to join) they text you deals when they have them (often). You also accumulate a point for each time you come in to redeem prizes/offers. It’s prime bud with deals to give you good prices. It’s dog friendly. Plus, the ATM charge is only a dollar when you withdraw cash ;)