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Our founder, Dr. Scott Wrye, had a badly injured patient who benefitted from the first cannabis prescription ever given by Dr. Wrye way back in 2005. That event planted the seed that would eventually grow into Cannavative a decade later.

At the time of Cannavative’s establishment in 2015, it was Northern Nevada’s first-awarded legal medical cannabis production license and Nevada’s only facility with its own cultivation and extraction lab in one building.

The name Cannavative is a combination of two words: innovative cannabis.

Cannavative’s 55,000 sq. ft. cultivation facility features 20 customized pods (think freight containers) that each emulates a boutique grow. These smaller environments greatly reduce the chance of cross contamination. They also allow the Cannavative team to experiment with new growing techniques and more easily innovate to develop new, exciting plant traits.

The plants with the best traits are then cloned and grown on a larger scale in rooms that are about three times the size of a Cannavative grow pod. Each Cannavative strain goes through a scientifically precise 16-week cycle with nursery, vegetation, flowering, and flush included to ensure the flower potency, flavor, and overall medicinal quality.    

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Nothing but the BEST

And I am not just saying that. No matter what type of product, Cannavative gets the job done for me. I heard there wasn't a such thing as Sativa edibles so I bought their Sativa Gummiez and boy, they are promising. Just an half of one of those had me focused and productive! And the Indica ones, straight knockout. But their concentrates are my obsession. Every single taste of terps, super easy to manage, the hits are clean and smooth and the effects are impeccable. I can just think back to some strains and receive the effect through thought, lit! Current favorites are Cannalope Cookiez shatter, craziest taste and high and MTF Honeycomb!

Top quality never lies

If you’re searching for quality; for a company not in the weed game only to make a profit, then CannaVative is your brand of choice.

Quality is king

In a market that is starting to sacrifice quality for profit, cannavative shines. I typically use their concentrates like their honeycomb, shatter, sap, etc & every one of them is terpene filled products that gives it a fantastic flavor as well as medicinal benefits. Not to mention the THC & CBD levels are nothing to sniff at. The price point is definitely worth it. Easily one of my favorite brands.