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Home of the Award Winning Kosher Kush, proud orginators of JG OG, and Emperor's Kush.

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Try "Grower's Reserve OG" for productivity!

I recently tried a strain from Divine Wellness Center in CA called "Grower's Reserve OG". Although it was labeled as an Indica and recommended to me as a strong sleep aid, it actually hit me very similarly to Durban Poison––a pure sativa. Both strains helped me to focus, relax, and follow through on things like homework and cleaning, while not feeling too speedy. It promoted more abstract, in-depth thinking, and reduced No couch-lock and I had fewer food cravings too. I may have not gotten what I what I was looking for, but I am so grateful for to have discovered this strain! I'll just know not to take it for sleep and instead when I need to be productive. Too bad there wasn't much detail on the dispensary container about the strain; just its name and grower. Would love to know more about this batch. I highly recommend it!
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never tried their flowers til today. I would always see their brands in some of the best shops here in socal. so I picked up an ounce of the strawnana for 100 bucks from the Cali kush farms booth at kush stock and it's super flavorful.... and don't think for a second it wasn't​ top shelf ,CKF were doing deals ,hooking up the patients with premium flower .... thanks again can't wait to see you guys on 420 high times socal cannibis cup!!!


got one of their pre rolls of Venom OG and was not impressed it was a month old and the quality had degraded a whole lot so did not get what was expected !