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THC isn’t the whole story.

The many benefits we get from cannabis stem from hundreds of natural compounds that make each strain unique. THC is just one part of the story. Judging cannabis by THC alone doesn’t take into account these other compounds that interact with THC to heighten the effects we feel. We never chase one-dimensional, artificially high THC levels because we believe cannabis works best when it includes all of the other naturally occurring compounds that together produce an “entourage effect.”


Who are we?

Since 2014 BRITE has crafted premium full-spectrum cannabis concentrates utilizing our proprietary CO2 extraction process, run in small batches in Oakland, CA.  Our strain-specific concentrates replicate the unique profile of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavinoids in each variety of cannabis by gently preserving them in the final product.


We always start with the finest botanicals sourced from the highest quality cultivators throughout Northern California. We never introduce any industrially-derived terpenes, flavors, or additives of any kind. Each batch of extract takes nearly three weeks to craft from beginning-to-end, because quality takes time, and we believe that purity matters. We believe our process results in a more aromatic product that honors the cannabis plant’s diversity and produces superior effects.


We believe in the PLANT

We believe in PEOPLE

We believe in PROCESS

We believe in PROGRESS

our mission is to make the world brighter.

we are BRITE

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Love dem terps

Brite Labs is awesome. I've always like their professional look on their packaging unlike mom and pop places and decided to take the plunge with their SFVOG and Pineapple Haze sauces. I make my own THC juice and liked their idea of the easy to work with nature of the extract. I bought some Nectar liquidizer for it and it's almost not needed. I tried the SFVOG first It melted so easily in the glass packaging. It just do a little water bath with the glass directly in a pot and suck it up with a blunt-nosed syringe. You can use reusable carts with this method but I prefer a real vape mod at low settings. I read the package and it said 54% THC and I was like WTF!? I'm not going to get high at all (I'm a heavy user). To my delight I feel a great calm high that is actually amazing! It's not about the THC only. They really protect the terpenes and if you think about it what is not THC is terpene which adds to the complexity of the high and flavor. I'm going to keep going with Brite Labs because they are pros and know what they are doing.

Don't waste money

These Cartridges are so hard to hit. They're built badly and takes so much energy just to get a little bit of a head change. I recommend Level Cartridge it's what I usually buy but they were out of my favorite so I tried Brite . Won't do that again. I'm even tempted just to throw it away it's so frustrating...

its LIT

I got one of the jelly waxes and I have to say its fire !!! it took about 2 mins for me to feel it but then it smacked me in the face. I was lifted for like 5hrs!!! I also put some on my flower, best complement to my bowl since old school hash.