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THC isn’t the whole story.

The many benefits we get from cannabis stem from hundreds of natural compounds that make each strain unique. THC is just one part of the story. Judging cannabis by THC alone doesn’t take into account these other compounds that interact with THC to heighten the effects we feel. We never chase one-dimensional, artificially high THC levels because we believe cannabis works best when it includes all of the other naturally occurring compounds that together produce an “entourage effect.”


Who are we?

Since 2014 BRITE has crafted premium full-spectrum cannabis concentrates utilizing our proprietary CO2 extraction process, run in small batches in Oakland, CA.  Our strain-specific concentrates replicate the unique profile of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavinoids in each variety of cannabis by gently preserving them in the final product.


We always start with the finest botanicals sourced from the highest quality cultivators throughout Northern California. We never introduce any industrially-derived terpenes, flavors, or additives of any kind. Each batch of extract takes nearly three weeks to craft from beginning-to-end, because quality takes time, and we believe that purity matters. We believe our process results in a more aromatic product that honors the cannabis plant’s diversity and produces superior effects.


We believe in the PLANT

We believe in PEOPLE

We believe in PROCESS

We believe in PROGRESS

our mission is to make the world brighter.

we are BRITE

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Don't Waste Your Money!!

Their cartridges are not reliable and when they work at all tend to quit. I have a bunch of useless Brite Labs cartridges, some with 50-90% of the oil unusable. Not even my retailer could get them to work. If we could add pictures I would post it here. And even worse, their rep just said too bad. Bottom line, bad products, worse customer service, equals stay away from this company and it's products. ANY cartridges would be a better choice.

Don't waste money

These Cartridges are so hard to hit. They're built badly and takes so much energy just to get a little bit of a head change. I recommend Level Cartridge it's what I usually buy but they were out of my favorite so I tried Brite . Won't do that again. I'm even tempted just to throw it away it's so frustrating...


[...]Bright Labs Jelly Wax is ideal for e-nail dabbing. When dropped onto a properly heated nail, its viscous corpulence melts and boils seamlessly into generous clouds of flavorful vapor. I’ve vaped crumbles, shatters, live resin sugars, sauces and distillates with my e-nail, but dabbing Brite Labs Jelly Wax has provided the best overall combination of flavor, potency, and affordability. The several Brite Labs Jelly Wax strains I’ve tried offer THC percentages ranging roughly from the mid-50s to the mid-60s which may seem modest when compared to sauces, shatters and distillates containing even higher THC ratios. But as I’ve learned from experience, THC isn’t the only cannabis ingredient affecting a user. When vaped, the aggregate components retained in the Brite Labs Jelly Wax C02 extraction process produce a synergistic high that outshines the more robust THC-potential found in standard extraction concentrates.[...] *****READ THE FULL REVIEW AT SWEDISHFLYINGSAUCER DOT COM*****