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Bhang strives to provide the best tasting, perfectly potent and most consistent cannabis products in the world! Inspired by your stories about why and how you need cannabis, Bhang set their sights on being the brand customers and patients would come to know for their excellence and reliability.

Bhang’s story began with a quest to seek the perfect cannabis chocolate bar. Failing to find anything that met their high standards of quality, they worked tirelessly to create chocolate that could be called the greatest in the world with the ideal blend of potency, consistency, and decadence. They’ve grown from a humble cannabis chocolate company to an international marijuana brand, going on to win first place in the 2015 High Times World Cannabis Cup for Best Edible in the World. Striving to create cannabis products by the people, for the people. Inspired by their customers’ stories, their chocolates and concentrates are driven by their patients’ need for products of the highest quality.

All of Bhang’s products are handcrafted using only the finest natural ingredients, sourced with quality and safety of the utmost importance. Their oil sources follow salmon safe protocols, and Bhang tests every batch through a third party to ensure quality. Their edible oils are decarboxylated and tested to ensure proper absorption and potency. All of their concentrate oils are processed with proprietary refinement techniques to pass contaminate testing. Every box is uniquely identified with lot numbers for extra safety.

Bhang is best known for its variety of delicious, award-winning medicated chocolates, including chocolate bars and chocolate truffles. They also carry a variety of vape pens and oil cartridges, as well as disposable vape pens, THC and CBD mouth sprays, THC and CBD gum, and CBD crystalline isolate.

Bhang’s products are tested for potency, conversions, and contaminates. Each chocolate bar case comes with a verifiable third party testing certificate, so consumers know they’re eating only the best cannabis chocolate.

Every product in Bhang’s arsenal is distributed throughout the entire state of California, with their in-house teams: Alta Supply in Northern California and Sol Distro in Southern California. Bhang products are also available in Arizona, Washington, Nevada, Florida, Illinois, New Mexico, Michigan, New York, Holland, Spain, and Uruguay.

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excellent taste

this is one of the only vape pens i have found that tastes true to the weed. strains are all top shelf and the oil is super can taste it. the effect is solid, full body, and nothing but pleasurable. easy to dose.

authentic flavor. def worth the price

not the cheapest option, but it's priced right alongside other high-end vapes. what SETS BHANG APART is that the flavor is just soooo true to the flower. no fake terpenes, no perfumes, nothing else added. IMHO this is better than BK and HH. plus...the package is so cool that opening up the box is like getting a new iphone. props!


Honestly it's a terrible brand. The milligram is not true to their dosage compared to Korova and Buddhas best