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Beard Bros Pharms is one of the premier brands providing connoisseur grade cannabis to patients in Los Angeles and the surrounding California area. When you want sophistication while immersing yourself in the storied history of cannabis with every smoke, you turn to a Beard Bros Pharms flower strain. Reinvigorating the easy going, laid back tradition of the SoCal cannabis scene, while working to innovate and revolutionize the marijuana industry, Beard Bros Pharms ambitiously looks to make their mark in cannabis history.

The founders of Beard Bros Pharms, Bill and Jeff, are actually bearded brothers who grew up on the East Coast, mostly in Pennsylvania and Florida. While the cannabis scene there paled in comparison to the freedoms being enjoyed on the West Coast nonetheless, the Beards developed their passion for plant cultivation and, in particular, a love for the future possibilities of the Cannabis plant. Thus, began their start in what would become an important part of their lives.

Jointly and individually, they acquired valued experience through several business ventures, developing a broad range of skills along the way. After years of working in button up, corporate environments on the East Coast, the brothers decided to move to Colorado in 2010 to resume and broaden their interest and acumen for marijuana cultivation. They immersed themselves in the budding cannabis community and, after a year of gaining a wealth of marijuana knowledge through scientific study and practical application, the brothers migrated to Los Angeles.

Inspired by the relaxed style and comradery of the West Coast, they began working with local growers and integrating into the SoCal cannabis community. By 2014, after years of continual learning and refining the traditions of marijuana cultivation, the brothers were ready to put their expert mark, and name, on the world of weed.

Since their initial brand launch, Beard Bros Pharms, has been gaining recognition at an amazing pace, making waves for their Extreme Cream strain at the 2016 Emerald Cup in San Francisco. Their expansion plans hope to provide their gourmet level marijuana strains, reinforced by their extensive plant knowledge, throughout all of California. Eventually, they plan to bring things full circle and expand Beard Bros Pharms back home to the East Coast.

Beard Bros Pharms has established themselves as one of the most trusted traditions of the cannabis cultivators in the Los Angeles marijuana industry. Growing all their marijuana plants indoor, utilizing hydroponic cubes, and partnering with genetic companies with larger breeding operations, Beard Bros Pharms has ability to provide the most popular strains at the highest quality of control possible. Having worked with companies such as DNA Genetics, TG Genetics, Exotic Genetix, and Ocean Grown Seeds to obtain the highest quality strains, Beard Bros Pharms is able to provide premium quality cannabis for its customers.

Working with marijuana strains that have become staples in the marijuana industry, Beard Bros Pharms prides itself on providing the classics for cannabis connoisseurs and newcomers alike at an affordable price. With a broad range of Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid flower strains, Beard Bros Pharms brings unique strains with rich genetic backgrounds such as Yeti OG, Hollister Kush, 24K Gold and Extreme Cream.

Beard Bros Pharms looks to set the standard for honest and transparent marijuana cultivation. That means responsibly testing all cannabis products. Beard Bros Pharms have worked with SC Labs and Steep Hill Labs, two of the leading cannabis analytic facilities in the marijuana industry, to test their marijuana flower strains for pesticide testing, microbial screening, and cannabinoid/potency profiles.

After years of working with the San Fernando Valley cannabis community, Beard Bros Pharms has partnered with numerous marijuana brands, dispensaries, deliveries, and organizations. Their premium quality cannabis flower is sourced to Hungry Monkey, one of the top concentrate brands in the Los Angeles area.

Their flower strains can be found in AHHSWEHO (Alternative Herbal Health Service in West Hollywood), Valley Medz Delivery in Ventura, and The Green Room Collective near Santa Barbara to name a few. Beard Bros Pharms is also a proud supporter and participant of The Weed for Warriors Project, a nationwide veteran’s alliance organization founded in Santa Cruz. They are dedicated to providing veterans with medical marijuana products, education, and information in the hopes of improving their physical and mental health. They are also ardent supporters of all groups looking to help reduce/reverse the sentences of the hundreds of people currently serve life sentences with the possibility of parole for cannabis offenses.

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Top shelf

I'm smoking in their extreme cream right now which is some of the flamest whitest indoor and cleanest buds I've ever blown before. It's just covered in white crystals and purple leaves. Stoney and the extreme og in it packs a punchđź‘Š Well done beard Bros. looking forward to trying more of their strains.


Never disappointed cause i know im getting quality meds from the Beard Bros.

Great duty guys

Extreme cream soaked my taste buds thanks alot