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At Baked Bros™, our mission is to enrich the quality of life of our diverse patients by providing consistently dosed, strain specific, high quality medicine in the cannabis community. We will work to not only be a leader of quality medicine, but a leader in educating the community, advocating for the progressive reform of cannabis, and removing the negative notion of this beautiful alternative medicine.

We are a team of experts, not only in the cannabis industry but also confections, extraction, chemistry, sports medicine, communication and customer service. Every one of our products is hand-made in small batches to guarantee consistent, accurate, delicious edibles.

Baked Bros™ has been an authorized edible company in Arizona since January 2015.

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Amazing and Noticable high

The gummies tast like the candies with a splash of cannabis that leaves your mouth tasting like a nug🤗. It has a beautiful high, one moment your irritated the next your talking to random strangers about life and Common Goals. :)

Best edible Brand

Baked Bros is the premiere edible brand. Consistent dosing send great tasting. They make the best syrup by far. Highly reccomend to everyone

Wonderful sleep!

these gummy bears are so wonderful and they taste so good you start eating one then you eat another one then you eat another one and before you know it they're all gone and guess what you're about to go to sleep now I just love them they're wonderful