Andretti Cannabis Co.



Our Mission:

You might hear people say this strain or that strain is associated with Curren$y (aka Spitta Andretti), but none of the fakers can compare with the real strain, “Andretti OG.” Emerging from months of perfecting its genetics, Curren$y partnered with long-time growers and attached his name to an ancient OG strain whose effects were astronomical. Newly christened, he deemed Andretti OG as the only bud fire enough to bear his name. With a traditional OG dankness and stoney high that knocks your socks off, Andretti OG is the first in a new line of excellent cannabis flowers for people who want to smoke the best.


Andretti Cannabis Co. growers carry decades of experience as cannabis cultivators, tracing their OG’s genetics back through generations of cannabis growing. This OG survived years of raids, relocations and more, never crossing and originally popped from seed. When Curren$y discovered this master strain at a High Times cup, he knew it was something special. After a few meetings he and the growers decided to unleash Andretti Cannabis on the world, and after months of preparation, they launched at the start of 2017 to take the cannabis community by storm.


Andretti Cannabis Co. thrives thanks to the particular, meticulously technical growing methods of its cultivators. They use no PGR, no phospho-load or any other carcinogens to make them grow, simply letting the plant do its thing. Andretti OG is cut when it's ready, not on a calendar date, and the utter lack of pesticides offers a truly natural cannabis experience. Using coco grow, LED and HPS lights and moderate watering, Andretti OG and its fellow strains grow to perfection, resulting in a smoking experience that’s both original and classic.


Of course, Andretti OG is the headliner strain of Andretti OG’s brand. This OG is as pure as it gets; a potent Indica with a piney taste that will glue you to the couch for hours of euphoric mind bending. The other carefully cultivated strains include: Hashbar, Blue Lagoon, Purple Kush, and Watermelon Zkittles, all grown under the same high standards.

Lab Testing:

To ease the concerns of any consumer, Andretti Cannabis Co. tests to screen for THC content, pesticides, residual mold, mild, microbials and more to ascertain perfection in their strains.

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