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The AiroPro Advanced Vapor System represents a new generation in vaporizer technology. It’s sleek, stealth, and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Anyone who encounters it can gain a sense of its distinguished capability, regardless of how familiar they are with vaporizers. Able to deliver more than triple the vapor of any other product with a nearly effortless draw, the AiroPro is the only vaporizer that offers an alternative to smoking without compromising a traditional experience.

Backed by extensive research and development, the AiroPro is setting a new industry benchmark in convenience. There are no buttons or switches to complicate use, just inhale to activate. A light vibration indicates when the device is on, so the amount of vapor per hit can be accurately gauged; this feature improves the level of control users have over their device beyond that of any other personal vaporizer.

Our innovations aren’t limited to the vaporizer alone—we’ve also reimagined oil cartridge design to support a plug-and-play system and maintain superior leak resistance. The AiroPro is the first and only vaporizer to feature magnetic cartridges that can be exchanged in an instant. Switching flavors or trading with friends is literally a snap.

AiroPro is committed to providing the best vaporizer in the industry, a comprehensive selection of high-quality concentrates, and an unbeatable price point on everything. Our exclusive varieties of oil consistently exceed the potency and purity of any other cannabis extract; considering the vaporizer they’re paired with, any but the best of oils simply would not do. Ultimately, we make sure the ideal vape experience comes at the lowest cost around.

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Great Gpen

At first I was skeptical, not being able to use other cartridges. Until I found out this website that sells magnetic 510 Ring adapters, now I can use different kinds of cartridges!

Okay product- burns too fast. Pricey. Poor service

This would be normally a five star review, however they lose a star for the product burning away much too fast. They lose another star for the cost. Their battery is twice what you would pay for a battery from any other company in this arena. (And it isn’t any better in terms of quality.) They lose another star for their lackluster customer service. If you purchase a faulty cartridge- you are on your own. They will not assist you in getting a replacement. Even if it is truly their fault. Knowing that I can’t buy their product with confidence, is a big deterrent for me. I like consistency and quality. They lack in both departments. Sometimes the oil in the cart is amber like an amber ale beer. Sometimes it is very light/ almost clear. No consistency with their product. I would suggest using something else like Select or any other ethical company who sells only to licensed shops (in CA Airo Vapor sells to both kinds.) Select and Alpine for example, do not do that.

Burns way too fast. Not worth the price. Shady biz

If you ever get a faulty cartridge, you are SOL. They will not help replace carts. The Carts themselves maybe last 10 pulls. Then you’re out $45 a half gram. Not worth it. Not even close. There are several other brands out there that are far superior. Save your money, this company will fly by night just like most of the others. Try Select or Pax era pods with any other oil.