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We created 3Leaf because, like you, we wanted a cannabis edible on par with the rest of the things we love.

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Best Edible Ever

My friend and I first tried 3Leaf edibles in San Francisco and I have to say hands down these are my favorite edibles I've ever had! They're super healthy AND delicious, I couldn't even taste the cannabis and at first thought they might not be that strong, nope not these guys. My friend who is new to the culture and doesn't smoke ate half a cookie and was feeling great. I had 2 to start off and the effects kicked in about 45 minutes I felt an uplifting body high and my back pain was completely gone! I had a few more before bed and slept a full 8 hours!! These edibles were great because I was able to get pain relief and an uplifting experience (probably from the super foods) and then when I upped my dosage I was able to get the sleep relief I needed. The packaging is also beautiful and each cookie is individually wrapped so I can take them on the go and they won't crumble or break. Thank you 3Leaf!!