Zsweet Inzanity



Ethos Genetics created the Zsweet Inzanity strain as a combination of Durban Poison, GG #4, and Rainmaker (Citral Skunk x Mandarin).

The top reported aromas of the Zsweet Inzanity strain are fuel, skunk, and musk. It is said to taste of earth, diesel, and pepper.

Top reported effects

  • Relaxed
  • Uplifted
  • Happy

Top reported flavors

  • Nutty
  • Coffee
  • Earthy

Grow information

Zsweet Inzanity produces taller hybrid strains, with thin fan leaves and heavy colas at full maturity. The strain was bred to be a high resin producer, perfect for extraction. At full maturity, Zsweet Inzanity develops highly aromatic buds that are blanketed in white, crystalline trichomes. Some odor-masking techniques may be required to maintain discretion.

Zsweet Inzanity is unavailable as seeds or clones.


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