Wildfire by Enlightened Genetics is a combination of Jinxproof Genetics’ Straight Fire female and the breeders’ Animal Cookies male.

The top reported aromas of the Wildfire strain are chocolate, fuel, and mint. It is said to taste of diesel, pine, and sweet coffee.

Top reported effects

  • Aroused
  • Creative
  • Energetic

Top reported flavors

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Wildfire is a mostly sativa strain that prefers indoor cultivation environments. The strain develops medium-sized plants with wider fan leaves that require regular pruning to encourage airflow and light circulation. Wildfire flowers in approximately 63 days indoors and by early October in outdoor gardens. At full maturity, Wildfire develops striking violet coloring with spicy green nugs cloaked in white trichomes.

Wildfire is unavailable as seeds or clones.



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