Turbo Diesel

THC 10-15%


MTG Seeds created Turbo Diesel in California. It’s a high-yielding cross of Sour Kush and Sour Diesel.

Turbo Diesel surprises no one with its pungent, sour diesel flavor profile.

Top reported effects

  • Hungry
  • Relaxed
  • Uplifted

Top reported flavors

  • Earthy
  • Pepper

Grow information

Turbo Diesel is a sativa-dominant cross between Sour Kush and Sour Diesel. There’s little available information for growing Turbo Diesel, not even from MTG Seeds. As a heavily indica strain, it’s likely to produce short, broad plants. The strain flowers in about 70 days inside or late October outside in the Northern Hemisphere. The breeder says Turbo Diesel is a high-yielding version of its Sour Kush.

Turbo Diesel is not available as seeds or clones.

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