The Church



Green House Seeds created The Church by combining a Swiss sativa landrace with Skunk and pairing the resulting hybrid with a Super Skunk and Northern Lights hybrid. The Church is not to be confused with Church OG.


The top reported aromas of The Church strain are fruit, spices, and sandalwood. It is said to taste of sweet fruit, citrus, and soil.

Top reported effects

  • Aroused

Top reported flavors

  • Honey

Grow information

The Church produces short, bushy plants that prefer high humidity in their growing environments. The strain develops densely packed colas with heavy, spiced green nugs, and reaches full maturity in 56 days indoors and late September outside.

The Church is available as seeds only. Clones may be available directly from cultivators growing this strain.


SeedFinder, Green House Seed Co.

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