aka Super Glue, Superglue OG


A cross between an Afghani landrace and Northern Lights, Superglue (sometimes spelled Super Glue), is an indica-leaning strain with rather mysterious origins. Super Glue is said to be the perfect name for this strain, as its widely purported relaxing effects tend to get users stuck on the couch.

A variety of Super Glue sold by the Boston-based dispensary Cannabis Crew was lab-tested by MCR Labs and found to have levels of THC exceeding 25%. Limonene and caryophyllene were two of the most prominent terpenes in this analyzed batch, lending credence to the claim that this strain has a slightly sweet and woodsy aroma.

Top reported effects

  • Relaxed
  • Sleepy
  • Happy

Top reported flavors

  • Chemical
  • Diesel
  • Lemon

Grow information

When cultivated, Super Glue is said to produce medium to high yields of large, spade-shaped buds that are dense and covered with frosty trichomes. As becomes evident during the eight- to nine-week flowering period, the leaves of a Super Glue plant turn a reportedly dull green color, covered with orange stigmas. Only available in the form of a clone, Super Glue can be grown indoors or outdoors, but is reported to thrive in Mediterranean climate conditions.

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