Space Runtz



Space Runtz is a balanced hybrid created by Tiki Madman. It’s a cross of Candy Rain and Runtz, both of which have Gelato in their genetics.

Given its parents, Space Runtz is likely to smell and taste like sweet fruit, nuts, herbs, and pungent earth. 

Space Runtz has won the following awards:

2021 1st Place, Best Med Indica, Connoisseur Cup Denver, US

2021 2nd Place, Overall Medical Flower, Connoisseur Cup Denver, US

Top reported effects

  • Relaxed
  • Giggly
  • Aroused

Top reported flavors

  • Skunk
  • Blueberry
  • Sweet

Grow information

Space Runtz is a balanced hybrid that’s a cross between Candy Rain and Runtz. It probably produces medium-sized plants thanks to its mixed heritage. Space Runtz has an average flowering time between 56 and 63 days indoors and the end of September to early October outdoors. It grows well indoors and outdoors. 

Space Runtz is available as seeds and clones.

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