Lemon Cheese

THC 21.5%
CBD <1%

aka Franco’s Lemon Cheese, Francos Lemon Cheese


Lemon Cheese, aka Franco’s Lemon Cheese, from Amsterdam’s Green House Seed Company, is a Sativa-dominant hybrid created by crossing Super Lemon Haze and Exodus Cheese.

According to Green House, the strain was named for seed company breeder Franco Loja, who died in 2017. Lemon Cheese was his final breeding selection, as well as a cross of his two favorite plants.

The seed bank reports users will notice a prominent lemon scent and strong cheesy taste, especially upon exhale. The strain is also reported to deliver a powerful, energizing and socially stimulating high that may ease pain and stimulate appetite.

Green House tested the strain at 21.58% THC, 0.6% CBD and 0.19% CBN.

Top reported effects

  • Uplifted
  • Happy
  • Energetic

Top reported flavors

  • Lemon
  • Citrus
  • Cheese

Grow information

A 63-77 day flowering time should be expected for this medium-tall plant with long, wide branches. When grown indoors, Green House recommends Screen of Green (ScrOG) and Low-Stress Training (LST) methods.

Outdoor grows finish in early November in the Northern Hemisphere, early May in the Southern Hemisphere. The plant thrives best in equatorial, tropical, subtropical and temperate climates. Growers will want to provide extra support due to the plant’s height.

Feminized seeds are currently available from Green House Seed Company.


Green House Seed Company

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