Lavender Kush


aka Lavender


Lavender is an Indica-dominant hybrid from Amsterdam’s Soma Seeds, which created the strain by crossing Super Skunk, Big Skunk Korean, and Afghan Hawaiian.

The strain was named 1st Indica at the 2005 High Times Cannabis Cup, 1st Indoor Bio at Spannabis Cup 2007, and took 1st place at the Breeder’s Cup in 2010.

The seed bank reports Lavender is easy to grow and is characterized by vivid, dark-purple coloring and spicy, Afghani hash flavor. Soma recommends the strain for appetite stimulation, high blood pressure, and aiding sleep.

Top reported effects

  • Relaxed
  • Happy
  • Euphoric

Top reported flavors

  • Lavender
  • Tree Fruit
  • Spicy/Herbal

Grow information

It grows both indoors and outdoors with a 63-70 day flowering period. For best results, growers should plant Lavender outside in temperate climates.

In addition to being easy to grow, Soma reports the strain is also easy to manicure because of its high calyx-to-leaf ratio. The strain grows tall, especially under a more extended vegetation period, which is why Soma recommends shortening vegetation for indoor growing when height needs to be tempered.

Tests performed on a Harborside cutting of Lavender by Phylos Bioscience show high genetic variation.

Regular and feminized seeds are available from Soma Seeds.


Soma Seeds, Phylos Bioscience, Harborside

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