Hong Kong



Hong Kong is a cannabis cultivar of mysterious origins thought to be a combination of Sensi Star with Sour Diesel.

The top reported aromas of the Hong Kong strain are grapefruit, skunk, and gasoline. It is said to taste of hash, citrus, and spices.

Top reported effects

  • Energetic
  • Euphoric
  • Aroused

Top reported flavors

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Hong Kong produces medium-sized plants with dense foliage, sturdy branches, and compact buds. The strain is resistant to most pests and diseases. It prefers sunny outdoor climates though it thrives indoors, too. Hong Kong flowers in 56 to 63 days indoors and is ready for harvest in mid-October outdoors. In ideal conditions, Hong Kong produces up to 19 ounces of bud per plant, an above-average yield.

Hong Kong is unavailable as seeds or clones.


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