Hash Plant


aka Hashplant


Originally developed in the U.S. Pacific Northwest, Hash Plant (sometimes spelled Hashplant) was transported to the Netherlands in the 1980s, where Dutch seed bank Sensi Seeds took the female Hash Plant clones and used them as a parent to several hybrids. Eventually, Sensi Seeds back-crossed a Hash Plant and Northern Lights #1 hybrid with the original Hash Plant female to create the commercial Hash Plant strain that we know today.

Hash Plant reportedly offers a powerful, fast-acting body buzz to go with its spicy hashish flavor and aroma.

Hash Plant took first place at Cannabis Culture’s Tokers Bowl in 2004, and second place at the High Life Cannabis Cup in 2002.

Top reported effects

  • Euphoric
  • Energetic
  • Giggly

Top reported flavors

  • Woody
  • Chestnut
  • Citrus

Grow information

Regular, non-feminized Hash Plant seeds are available from Sensi Seeds. Hash Plant grows short and compact, delivering large yields with a quick flowering time of 40-45 days.

Hash Plant is best grown indoors and is particularly receptive to hydroculture grow methods. Its tight, round, condensed bud clusters and tufts of dark orange hairs are covered in sticky resin.


Sensi Seeds

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