Facewreck Haze

THC 25%


The story of Facewreck Haze started when Rare Dankness Seeds crossed Face Off OG Kush with Nevil’s Wreck to create a potent sativa with glistening, trichome-covered buds. Online reports say Facewreck Haze offers earthy, citrus flavors with a sweet, skunky aroma.

As the name suggests, Facewreck Haze packs up to 25% THC and reportedly the new or casual user should consume sparingly, if at all. Rare Dankness lists this strain as retired.

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According to Rare Dankness, the strain has mostly sativa elements with a high yield and short flowering time. The breeder says Facewreck Haze produces an intense, heart-pounding yet balanced effect while others report happy, uplifting results with physical relaxation and without heaviness.


Rare Dankness Genetics

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