Durban Cookies

THC 13%


Durban Cookies is a mysterious cultivar created by an unknown breeder, thought to be a combination of Girl Scout Cookies and Durban Poison.

Consumers claim Durban Cookies exudes a sweet, nutty terpene profile with earth and woody notes. Its flavors include a cookie-like sweetness with hints of coffee and earth.

Top reported effects

  • Focused
  • Happy
  • Uplifted

Top reported flavors

  • Earthy
  • Spicy/Herbal
  • Sweet

Grow information

Durban Cookies is a sativa-leaning hybrid that stretches into long, thin plants and full maturity. It prefers outdoor sunshine but will thrive in indoor gardens when properly topped to keep air and light moving through its branches. Durban Cookies benefits from the Screen of Green method, producing higher yields and larger buds with extra light exposure. The cultivar reaches full maturity in 10-12 weeks inside or in late October or early November outdoors. Durban Cookies is a high yielder in ideal conditions.

Durban Cookies is unavailable as seeds or clones.

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