Diablo was created by the pros at British Columbia-based Next Generation Seed Company when they combined Blueberry, Grapefruit, and a handful of South African sativa landrace strains.

The fruity flavors in Diablo's parentage carry on in its citrusy, berry-rich flavors.

Diablo placed second in Best Outdoor Strain in the 2002 BC Harvest Cup.

Top reported effects

  • Sleepy
  • Euphoric
  • Relaxed

Top reported flavors

  • Nutty
  • Orange
  • Pepper

Grow information

Diablo produces two different phenotypes with slightly different growing characteristics. One stretches high into the sky and flowers at the end of September or in six-to-seven weeks indoors. The other phenotype grows to three-to-four feet tall and flowers by mid-September. Both varieties of Diablo produce buds with heavy resin and long, fluffy buds.

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Was this content helpful?