Dawg's Waltz

Reported Genotype

Strain Description

Dawg’s Waltz is an Indica-dominant cross of Purple Urkle (a select phenotype of Mendocino Purps,) and Tres Dawg (Afghani #1 crossed with a backcrossed Chemdawg). First bred in 2006 by High & Lonesome Seed Company in collaboration with Top Dawg Seeds, the strain produces copious amounts of broad sun leaves and a moderate-to-large yield of dense flowers. The mature bud closely resembles the Urkle flower structure -- round, swollen and frosty. The strain grows short and bushy during vegetation and stretches slightly during flowering. Grown indoors, its buds are usually done flowering within 60 days of entering the 12/12 light cycle. Outdoors, the Indica-leaning strain is typically done blooming by mid-October. Primarily a clone only strain, Dawg Waltz seeds are only available through limited release.


Top Dawg Seeds, High & Lonesome Seed Company